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The one wallet for all your crypto needs

Buy, store, trade & exchange crypto. Join over 150k people using the ZelCore wallet.

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The wallet for all your crypto custody needs

Buy, store, trade & exchange crypto. Join 150k+ people using ZelCore Wallet.

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About ZelCore

ZelCore is a multi-asset crypto wallet and platform, free-to-use by all, with built-in quick-swap exchanges, decentralized 2FA, CoinRequest, WalletConnect, and easy ETH token importing. ZelCore+ unlocks premium features. Learn more.

Supporting more than 275+ assets!

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Get the latest version of ZelCore.


Get the latest version of ZelCore


Get the latest version of ZelCore

ZelCore Features

Easy Login &

Built-In Proxy

Our login system allows you to have multiple encrypted wallets and accounts on one or more devices while maintaining complete privacy.

All user data is stored locally on your device, and no user data is transmitted remotely. This gives you full control of your own private keys. No e-mails to submit, no need to trust third parties, no seed phrases. Just pure custody.

ZelCore’s built-in proxy service makes it easy to connect your wallet to several different countries around the world.

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Decentralized Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to your ZelCore account without the need to trust anyone. d2FA empowers you to be your own custodian and keeps you safe from centralized database breaches and attacks.

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Multi-Asset Encrypted Wallet

ZelCore keeps your assets safe. The wallet supports over 200 assets including $ZEL, $BTC, $LTC, $ETH, $XMR, $ZEC, $USDT, and many more. Take advantage of multiple wallets and assign them to exchanges, CruxID, or other services.

Built-in Exchanges

Do all your trading in one app!

ZelCore directly integrates several QuickSwap Exchanges, including the ability to sync your own exchange accounts using secure API keys.

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Connect to decentralized applications (Dapps) directly in ZelCore. Interact securely with any Dapp from your mobile wallet. WalletConnect is safer that less secure third-party browser extensions. Learn more

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Buy Crypto

in ZelCore

The integration of Wyre makes it easy to purchase popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and more, using your debit/credit card directly within ZelCore. Learn More

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ZelCore Mobile


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If you have an asset you would like to see listed in the ZelCore platform, we’ll be happy to hear it.



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