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Zel Team

Parker Honeyman

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Parker is a mechanical engineer from the South Bay Area, CA and works in the medical device field consulting for product development. Parker helps keep things rolling behind the scenes at Zel Technologies and within the Zel Community. Wearing many hats throughout the day from content development to researching hardware and new technologies.

Tadeáš Kmenta

Co-Founder and Developer

Tadeáš has created most parts of ZelCore, Zelcore Mobile, its libraries, infrastructure backend solutions and all other Zel services. The invention of Flux ‘OS’ on top of Zel brought decentralised computation network to live and that is a project on which you would find him developing the most.


Co-Founder and CSO

Daniel bring over 20 years IT experience in healthcare and nonprofit- charity works. An entrepreneur, investor and disruptive technology advocate, Daniel has a ethos that resinates with many on the Zel Team, focusing on projects that are uplifting to humanity. Daniel focuses on business development but also charity initiatives at Zel Technologies.



Valter is a senior developer in JAVA and C# from Portugal. Interested in learning about new technologies, Valter entered the crypto space in late 2017. He has been part of the Zel Team since summer 2018 and overhauled the outdates ZelMate and ZecMate wallets (swing.) He now focuses on various development projects within the team.


Ux / Ui Designer

Calin lives in Romania. He studied product design, design thinking, branding and Ui/Ux design with a master in product design. Currently is doing freelance working in webdesign field. He started following crypto in early 2018. Now he is a part of the Marketing team, building the website and creating new designs for the Zel Ecosystem.


Marketing Team & Community Moderator

David discovered Zel in early 2018, becoming a community moderator later that year. He is now part of the Marketing team creating graphics for Social media marketing.

Tim Bukher

Legal Counsel

Tim brings a decade of experience in multinational securities and venture capital transactions, specifically focusing on the tech sector. Having advised and invested in numerous successful crypto first-movers, Tim’s backgrounds in economics, governance, and digital regulation serve as a cutting-edge addition to the DeFi space.

James Smith

Scripte & Marketing Director

James is a native of the Tri-State area and YouTube personality with a diverse background in retail management, marketing/communication, music, entertainment and ministry. He got his start mining crypto in October 2017 and has produced numerous videos on the subject. James’ involvement with Zel began with his contribution of the Zel Community Pool along with PickAxe. He now continues as a Marketing Director.


International manager (China) & Community Moderator

Author of Weibo headline article, editor of Baidu Encyclopedia, 2016 focused on blockchain project investment, stock market & blockchain investor, catering service management for 6 years. Now engaged in blockchain community management.


Community Moderator

Stijn lives in Belgium. He studied computer science and is currently working for a medical IT company as Technical Services Teamlead. He started investing in Crypto in early 2017 and became an icon in the Zel community months later. He aids in technical support and moderation.


Media Contributor & Community Moderator

Tuukka lives in Finland. He studied computer sciences and telecommunication technologies in his youth. Tuukka entered the crypto space in late 2017 with a small mining rig. He joined the Zel Community months later. Tuukka aids the community as a Discord moderator and beta tester.


Community Moderator

Ivan is from Moscow, Russia. He has a masters in applied physics and mathematics in the field of information systems and networks. He has 13 years of experience in software development and project management. He has been working in the cybersecurity area for the last 5 years. Ivan came into the crypto space at the beginning of 2017, with a focus on mining and studying blockchain technology including security aspects.


Developer, Infra Team & Community Moderator

Maxine is a Senior Cybersecurity Specialist from Singapore. His interest currently lay in the exploration of machine learning as well as technologies related to Cryptocurrencies. Apart than that, he is also a miner.

Jay Naves

Dashboard and Infrastructure Team

Currently working with an ISP as a Systems Engineering Manager, Jay leads a group of IT professionals in the Linux, Windows, Supercomputing, and IT Security fields. Beginning with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences, Jay has over 15 years experience as a Linux and Windows Server Administrator in the supercomputing and ISP arenas. Jay does a superb job of improving our infrastructure monitoring as well as creating and maintaining some of the various Zel Dashboards.

Ali Malik

Community Moderator

He is telecom engineer & has been in this profession for the last 12 years. He’s from Chicago, USA, with a Masters in Telecom & Bachelor in Computer Engineering He started his journey with ZEL & has a deep connection with the project. Has a very keen interest in blockchain technology & crypto in general. He is an active member in the community & part of the team since 2020


Infrastructure Team


Community Moderator

Marrios Charmidis, the greek geek, is a passionate Mathematician and Blockchain Enthusiast. He joined the crypto space in 2015. He began as a technical support and moderator for the Zel community in late 2018 and is a ZelCore fan, he looks forward to the wider adoption of various cryptocurrencies.


Scripter & Community Moderator