Zel is a cryptocurrency that holds a central role in the Zel Ecosystem. It gives incentive for ZelNode ownership to enable the creation of ZelEx and the ZelDev Platform, enabling us to create a truly decentralized development platform.

A complete platform for crypto custody management, exchanging, news & research, charting, and more. ZelCore gives users total ownership over their assets.

The highly-available computational network that currently has over 1,000 community-operated ZelNodes.

ZelNodes running ZelFlux operating system power dockerized JS apps, web servers, ElectrumX servers, and more.

A decentralized authentication protocol that is truly seamless, secure, and private. A digital identity you control for cross-platform authentication.

zels Ecosystem

Zel at the center of the ecosystem.


the Currency

Zcash Code Fork - zkSnarks

GPU Mineable - ZelHash - EquihashR 125_4

Community Driven PoW


the Wallet

Multi-Asset Platform & Wallet

200+ Assets

Lite & Full Node Modes

Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android & iOS


the Network


1000+ Benchmarked Computational Nodes

dApp, Sidechain & Assetchain Platform