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ZelCore Premium | Massive ZelCore Platform Upgrade for Well-Rounded Crypto Holders & Traders

zelcore premium

ZelCore Premium | Massive ZelCore Platform Upgrade for Well-Rounded Crypto Holders & Traders

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Feb 10, 2019 · 4 min read

Internally named “Project Paradigm”, ZelCore Premium combines all the powerful crypto tools you use daily into the convenient ZelCore platform

Release: TBD | Planned for end of Q1 2019

  • Custody Management
  • Enhanced Trading/Charting/TA
  • Investment Tools
  • Aggregated Exchanges Gateways
  • News and Research
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What is ZelCore Premium?

ZelCore Premium is a subscription-based service add-on to the ZelCore platform. Subscribing unlocks a robust set of features that increases maneuverability of investment strategies in the crypto space. Currently, ZelCore offers users the ability to manage and transact crypto without giving up private keys or user data, providing 100% control over asset management.

Premium expands on this core notion with the ability to perform technical analysis/charting, research current news, utilize more wallet addresses per asset, connect to trading platforms via API keys, and invest in crypto beyond simply purchasing individual assets.

All current ZelCore features will remain free to use by all. Premium is a completely new set of tools that are optional through the subscription service.

ZelCore Premium subscriptions will utilize crypto for payment. The current subscription fee is $9.99 in equivalent crypto, and the cryptos accepted are (updated as more assets are supported):

ZelCash | BTC | LTC | ZEC

Paying in ZelCash reduces the cost 10%. Subscribing for 3 months reduces cost 5%, 6 months is 10%, and 12 months is 15%, on top of the reduced fees for paying in ZelCash. So maximum discount with 12 month subscription paid in ZelCash, which comes out at ~$7.65/month.

ZelCore Premium will be continually updated with new features. Features below are tagged with “at release” indicating will be available when Premium is activated, or subsequent “Phase” numbers. We will post ETA’s of the various phases when the Premium release date is announced later.

Revenue from subscriptions will be used to continue feature development for ZelCore, hire more developers to support ZelCore, and build out the dapp marketplace and dapp offerings to run on the ZelNode Computational Network in the future.

ZelCore Premium Features

News Feed Aggregation

  • Self-curated content/sources for user-selected assets, topics, phrases, etc. and user feeds — At Release
  • Display general ,crypto-related aggregated news in ZelCore from Zel feeds — Will be added feature to Standard ZelCore (free)

Major Exchanges API Integration

  • API key linking from popular major exchanges directly in ZelCore. Create and manage trades that are executed on exchanges using the exchange wallets — At Release
  • Withdraw exchange funds directly to ZelCore addresses. Allowing API withdraw has security implications in case someone gains access to your ZelCore. Only use this feature if you understand the risk — At Release
  • Display total asset value between ZelCore, exchange, and offline wallets via API linking to those products. Provides a complete overview of all wallet balances in one place — At Release
  • Link ZelCore-held assets to exchanges for trading — Actively researching if possible, no Phase currently

Additional Addresses for each asset

  • Premium adds another 3 wallets, for a total of 6 addresses per asset in ZelCore. The addresses feature is activated one time, so if you subscribe for 1 month and decide it’s not for you, you retain the additional addresses for life — At Release
  • Import a previous address via private key to ZelCore light. No need to run a full node wallet to import a balance/address — At Release

Export to CSV

  • Export more information to a CSV including transaction history (present in standard ZelCore) with the addition of transaction fees and historical Fiat prices for the day the asset was sent/received — At Release


  • Currency calculator — links to current asset rates to perform easy calculation for trades, transfers, scratchpadding, etc. — At Release
  • Larger memo/note field for attaching ID/messages to specific transactions (good for advanced records keeping) — At Release

Planned Features At Later Phases

  • Charting and technical analysis tools for a huge number of crypto and fiat pairings directly in ZelCore (like TradingView/Coinigy) — Phase 2
  • Purchase curated crypto funds straight from your own addresses. Select a fund that holds a group of assets you are interested in, send BTC from your wallet, and receive the assets from your selected Portfolio in the described allocations directly into your ZelCore wallets. — Phase 3
  • Advanced decentralized exchange interface with customizable dashboard to display critical data for complex trading strategies — Phase 3/4
  • Link to technical investment tools like leverage, shorting, and dark pool purchasing for the advanced user — Phase 3
  • Integrate trading bot with user-programmable trading strategies into ZelCore to execute trades via your exchange API keys — Phase 3
  • Customized notifications, sent to email/SMS/Telegram for various actions, such as trades, balance changes, login notices, and more — Phase 3
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Written by Zel Technologies, GmbH — 10 February 2019 — Rev. 1


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