What is zel?

Zel is the cryptocurrency that powers the Zel Ecosystem, by incentivizing ZelNode ownership to enable the creation of ZelEx and the ZelDev Platform, enabling a truly decentralized development platform.

Why zel?

Why is Zel different?


Zel underpins every project, product and idea surrounding it's namesake ecosystem. Zel is crucial as the transacting currency for all data processing on the ZelNodes Computational Network.

Community Involvement

Zel is a community-driven and supported POW-based cryptocurrency with fair distribution, powering the development of a robust and functional infrastructure. You can mine Zel and/or operate a ZelNode to support the network, and receive a portion of each block.


The zk-SNARKs protocol is a novel form of zero-knowledge cryptography that is intended to ensure complete, opt-in privacy on the Zel blockchain via z-addresses (Sapling) and private transactions.

Modified Equihash 144,5

Zel swapped the POW hashing algorithm from ZCash (200,9) Equihash to ZHash (144,5) Equihash. Currently we are developing ZelHash v1, a custom POW hash algorithm to remain proactive in our ethos of ASIC-resistance.


What's up next?

ZelCore Platform (formerly known as ZelTreZ) release

MAY 2018

Marketing Campaign

The ZelCash marketing plan describes the short/medium-term items planned to increase Zel's position in the crypto world. Read this document to understand how we are striving to make Zel a household name.

JUNE 2018

Website 2.0

JULY 2018

Whitepaper 2.0

ZelCash Community Pool

Help secure the ZelCash blockchain by distributing network mining hash and take advantage of zero fees currently.

Q1 2019

Acadia Upgrade

Acadia includes all the changes and improvements from Zcash 2.0.2 and brings ZelCash up to date with the latest developments. A big thank you to the Zcash Team.

Q1 2019


ZelNodes Computational Network is key to creating most of what we envision, allowing us to build a scalable computing network of decentralized nodes, running ZelChains, Smart Contracts, dApps, tokenization of assets and much more. Developers will be able to utilize Javascript-framework SDK and BDK through the ZelDev platform for a seamless experience.

Q1 2019

Project Paradigm

ZelCore+ Launch

Q2 2019

Project Swan

Binance DEX+Chain integration

Website v3.0

Unified Site with All Zel Projects

Project Paradigm

ZelCore+ (Phase Two)

Q3 2019

ZelEx Development

ZelNodes - Phase 2

Updated Benchmarking + Useful network work

Q4 2019

Project Jetpack


ZelEx Launch


ZelDev Launch


Wallets for holding Zel and many other crypto assets

ZelCore Desktop + Mobile

Multi-asset platform & wallet

140+ assets

Lite & Full Node modes

Available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android & iOS

ZELmate Swing Desktop

Full node wallet for Zel

Open source, friendly UI with custom themes

Control wallet for ZelNodes

Available for Windows, MacOS & Linux

Trust Wallet

Multi Coin Wallet

Only available for iOS and Android


Exchanges that currently trade Zel for other cryptocurrencies.


A list of mining pools that support Zel

Tools & Resources

Useful links, tools and resources