What are zelNodes?

ZelNode operators supply dedicated computing power, which generates rewards in Zel for powering the network. There are multiple options for supplying computing power, including renting from a VPS provider, renting a dedicated server to host multiple ZelNodes, or purchasing a server outright and hosting it in a data center or well-equipped home/office.


3 tiers of computational nodes, allowing anyone to participate

ZelNode Basic

10,000 ZEL
  • 2 vCore
  • 4GB RAM
  • 50GB SSD
  • 2.5TB Bandwidth

ZelNode Super

25,000 ZEL
  • 4 vCore
  • 8GB RAM
  • 150GB SSD
  • 4TB Bandwidth

ZelNode BAMF

100,000 ZEL
  • 8 vCore
  • 32GB RAM
  • 600GB SSD
  • 6TB Bandwidth

Reward Structure

The block reward is split 75% POW / 25% ZelNode operators, for each and every block. The rewards for ZelNode ownership are designed to be stable with a sustainable ROI.


1 Node receives 22.5 Zel per blockfind


1 Node receives 9.375 Zel per blockfind


1 Node receives 5.625 Zel per blockfind


Miners receive 75% of the blockfind for securing the Zel chain.


Note: The monthly cost to either rent or run dedicated hardware is significantly higher than earlier projects' masternodes and should be researched thoroughly by a potential node operator. ZelNodes do much more than simply validate transactions.


Hundreds of Nodes at launch

Over 1,000 highly-available ZelNodes on the network.

Nodes will power future dApps, Smart Contracts, Sidechains & Asset layers

ZelNodes Technical Information

How ZelNodes secure the Zel Network

ZelNodes Announcement Post

VPS discounts through our partners


Support via Discord for Node operators

Benchmarking must meet minimum specs, uptime requirement: > 97%

Benchmarking will be performed per tier and based on results from the equivalently-spec'd DigitalOcean Droplet for the specs above. Uptime requirement allows for ~ 40 minutes downtime per day for maintenance, unforseen issues, etc.