One-stop platform for all your crypto custody needs

One-stop platform for all your crypto custody needs

About zelcore

ZelCore is a multi asset platform and wallet, free-to-use by all, with top quick-swap exchanges. ZelCore+ unlocks advanced trading functionality with API integrations to the top exchanges + TradingView.

Supporting more than 200+ assets including


Support for multiple accounts

Our login system allows you to have multiple encrypted wallets and accounts on the same device and access the same account on multiple devices while maintaining complete privacy as we don't store or transmit any user data remotely. Privacy is something Zel strongly believes in.

Multi-Asset Encrypted Wallet

ZelCore keeps your assets safe. With support for 100+ assets including $ZEL, $BTC, $LTC, $ETH, $XMR, $ZEC, $USDT, and many more. You control your own private keys. Your keys your assets.

Built-in Exchanges

ZelCore integrates built-in quick swap exchanges directly inside of ZelCore Desktop & Mobile. For more advanced traders, checkout ZelCore+ which offers a full API integration of some of your favourite exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex and Kraken.


Some things upcoming in both ZelCore and ZelCore+

Some of this stuff is really exciting other stuff is moderately exciting.

ZelCore Released

MAY 2018

ZelCore Mobile

Q4 2018



ZelCore v3 for Desktop

Major UI Changes

DEC 2019

ZelCore v3 for Mobile

Major UI Changes

JAN 2020

Deterministic ZelNodes

New on chain masternode system

FEB 2020


Flux available on every ZelNode as an open source system managing computational network

FEB 2020

Flux Explorer

Ever Flux is an explorer. Zel has the biggest explorer and API network of all currencies

MAR 2020

Flux & Folding

First decentralised application Folding@Home is LIVE on Flux network!

APR 2020

Zel expansion

Zel asset expanded to KuCoin exchange and is supported by many platforms. Zel has the MOST transactions on its network out of any Zcash family coin!

MAY 2020

Flux communication

Flux is being succesfully tested for large scale communication and message responding

JUN 2020

Flux Apps

Testing of Apps management living on Flux Network

JUL 2020

Flux Apps deployment

Developers can now launch their dockerised applications on Flux Network

Q3 2020

Light Z transactions

Transact private transaction of any Sapling coin from light wallets from ZelCore

Q3 2020

Light ZelNodes

ZelNodes can now be enitrely controlled from light addresses via ZelCore

Q3 2020

Flux Apps communication

Flux Apps can now communicate with each other! No cloning but smart data sharing!

Q4 2020


A new way of decentralised 2FA. No server. No need memories. Just crypto.

Q4 2020

ZelCore Cold Storage

ZelCore now has the most secure Cold Storage solution. Completely separate authentication system, BIP44 seed compatible further secured and simplified with new dAuth system!

Q4 2020

Ecosystem development

Year 2021 shall further link all of our ecosystem. Zel, Flux, ZelCore, ZelID, dAuth, our infrustrutre to be easily connected and self sustained. We would love to have a system, where users and community are in total control via consensus based mechanism. Each user will be part of ZelCore, part of Flux, will be hosting the necessary infrastructure and decide on project movement.



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