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About Flux

“An operational network of decentralized computing power is one of the core modules to the Zel Ecosystem, providing the ability for Zel and third-party developers alike to run their applications on a fair-priced network with no single point-of-failure.”

-Daniel Keller, CSO

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Apps running on Flux

What is Flux?

Flux OS

Flux is a revolutionary second-layer operating system/application that allows hardened Dockerized apps to run on Zel’s fully decentralized computational network. Built using Mongo, Express, Vue, and Node (MEVN Stack), Flux is a highly-accessible playground for developers that is completely open-source.

App creators, blockchain builders, web designers, and any type of developer can Dockerize their innovations and easily deploy them on reliable, scalable Flux infrastructure.

The Flux OS ensures all nodes are running properly and communicating throughout the network.

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ZelNodes Infrastructure

The Flux decentralized computational network is powered by individual Zel holders running ZelNodes. These Zelnodes are geographically-spaced all over the world, so developers can be assured that their apps are accessible by users at all times and locations.

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API Backend

Flux allows the deployment and management of any app around the world via API and UI. Create your own service that launches apps on Flux seamlessly.

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Uses for Flux

Blockchain as a Service – Host blockchain nodes and apps

DApps – Run open source, decentralized applications

Oracles – Run apps to provide decentralized data sets (DibiFetch is achieving this by pulling pricing data for cryptocurrencies from multiple exchange)

Price Rate Servers – The ZelCore wallet pulls all pricing data from price rate servers running on Flux

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Flux may be powered by Zel, but it is fully compatibile with any blockchain. Run any app on any chain on Flux.

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Onboarding & Governance


Coming soon!

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How to Launch a ZelNode