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q1 2020

ZelNodes & Flux

  • Creation of Deterministic Nodes
  • Flux released on all zelNodes
Q2 2020

ZelNode Development

  • zelNode benchmarking released
  • Over 500 zelNodes launched
  • Globally lunched zel explorers
  • Over 900 zelNodes active
  • First zelApp [email protected]                        is active on all zelNodes
Q3 2020


  • Flux is communicating with all nodes – Milestone for being able to launch zelApps
  • Testing capability of zelApps
  • Over 900 zelNodes launched
Q4 2020

zelApps on Flux

  •  Global app deployment – Developers can launch their zelApps on the Flux Network
  • Flux 1.0 launch
  • First Flux Partnership – Kadena
  • Launching Decentralized Oracles on Flux – DibiFetch
  • Zelcore rate servers and infrastructure moved to Flux
March 27 2021

Rebranding & Flux

  • All holders of $Zel will now be holding $Flux
  • First webpage launched on Flux
  • New Flux Node Tiers Benchmarks
  • Launch liquidity mining with Hummingbot and other platforms
  • Token distro to $Flux holders through the Fusion app
  • Block rewards from $Flux Chain, 50-50% to Miners and Flux Node Operators
Q1 2021

V1 Flux Governance

  • V1 Flux Governance
  • New Flux Whitepaper
  • Target Web3 ecosystem to launch further zelApps in a decentralized manner
  • Increase Flux use case within Flux
  • Additional tokenomics added -Launch FLUX-KDA trading when Kadena Dex goes live
Q2 2021

XDAO & Fusion on Flux

  • New FluxNode tier – Storage Nodes –
  • Creation of the XDAO
  • Launch Defi Apps on Flux / Target DeFi industry
  • The First Decentralized Computational Network Governed by a DAO
  • Meshing Node hardware – Utilizing zelNode hardware across zelApps –
  • Data sharing amongst zelNodes
  • Flux multi-Port
  • Fusion, enabling for change between Flux and tokens, will be added to the swap service
  • All Z-addresses will be disabled from Flux Chain
  • Flux Https
Q3-Q4 2021

Flux Defi & XDAO

  • Flux Governance Site and App
  • Governance Acceptance Vote
  • NFTs Gateway for holding and viewing NFT’s in ZelCore
  • Flux DeFi Lending and Yield farming

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