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Zel Community Donations

How it works:

Zel is a fair-mined, community-oriented cryptocurrency project that has no ICO, no Founders reward, no presale/crowd sale, and no airdrop (and never will!).

A pre-mine (6.2%) was allocated to the Development Fund, with 10% per year used for Zel community operations (10 years funding). These funds do not cover all the needed expenses for the project currently.

Please consider donating to continue the development of the Zel Project.

  • Marketing Fund – The marketing fund will be used to fund videos, podcasts, raising awareness of the Zel ecosystem, etc.
  • Exchange Listings – The Zel Development Fund does not pay for listing fees. If the community would like to fund paying for exchange listings we will need community donations.
  • Development Fund – The Development Fund helps pay for Zel and ZelNodes development, future modules such as ZelPay, Zel ID, etc.
  • Coffee & Beer Fund – The Zel Community Team is made up of volunteers giving their time to further the Zel Project. Donate them a beer.

The donated funds will be accumulated as-needed into transparent addresses and summaries will be included in the Quarterly Transparency Reports.


  • 40027.14136139 ZEL 80% 80%

Donation Goal:  50000 ZEL

  • 0 BTC 0% 0%

Donation Goal:  1 BTC

Exchange Listings

  • 1888.88888 ZEL 1.8% 1.8%

Donation Goal:  100000 ZEL

  • 0 BTC 0% 0%

Donation Goal:  5 BTC


  • 888.88888 ZEL 1% 1%

Donation Goal:  75000 ZEL

  • 0 BTC 0% 0%

Donation Goal:  2 BTC

Coffe & Beer Fund

  • 678.22921 ZEL 1% 1%

Donation Goal:  N/A ZEL

  • 0 BTC 0% 0%

Donation Goal:  N/A BTC